Melanie Garros

Production Designer 


Mel grew up in France and people can describe her as being very French even after 10 years living in North America. She will jaywalk at every tech scout, give her opinion on everything, especially lunch, all of it charmed with her lovely accent (but do not give her a walkie talkie).  

Mel is someone that actually loves her job and is passionate about it even now after so many years unraveling the secrets of the film industry. She enjoys working in Narratives and Commercials. Narratives for her true passion in elaborating a space that complement a script, to give it more depth by defining its environments. Commercials for the fun of it, to create unprecedented situations if called for. She has been drawn towards character driven films that have enabled her to take creative risks.  Her preferred visual language is to explore the meeting point between reality and authenticity; unless it is all a dream…

World building is her thing & exploring the world is another one. If not on set, high chances that she is out and about somewhere. Currently based in Toronto but happy to work anywhere.

Mel is a member of the DGC in Canada, part of the Production Designer Collective, participated in the Production Design Studio at the Berlinale Talent in 2021 and one of the lead organizer of the Canadian Production Design Association.
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