Melanie Garros

Production Designer 


Mel fell in love with creating space for characters at an early age. Growing up in Lyon, France and traveling through Europe shaped her aesthetic sensibility and sparked an interest in designing for narratives. She received a BFA in Film and Photography at Montpellier University with a specialization in production design. Upon graduation she designed her first feature and has continued designing since then. She has expanded upon her style and thematic interest through her work on a range of projects including independent films, Blockbusters, virtual reality, and stage-plays. Mel has been drawn towards character driven films that have enabled her to take creative risks. She has worked on award winning productions that have premiered internationally at festivals such as SXSW, TIFF and Cannes Film Festival. She currently lives in Toronto, Canada and is open to new projects within Canada, as well as Europe and the United States.

Mel is a member of the DGC in Canada, part of the Production Designer Collective and participated in the Production Design Studio at the Berlinale Talent in 2021. 
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